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And I was a History teacher...

Or at least I passed the test to be credentialed as one while I was serving as an English teacher in Madera County, California. HOW WAS HISTORY BEING REWRITTEN FOR ME?!?!?!

Did you know that the desertification of North Africa was caused by agriculture? Did you know that Rome couldn't support itself because it had lost all its soils? Did you know that Plato, Aristotle, Jefferson, and Washington all were concerned over the same thing? SOIL - the erosion and loss of the fertile topsoil layer was seen as directly linked to civilizations rise and fall throughout time but no today in our textbooks, but that may soon change because of the work of David R. Montgomery and his wife Anne Biklé - both scientists but one focused on geomorphology and the other biology. I spoke with Prof Montgomery last week about this incredible rewriting of history as well as what can be done & we even dive into debunking some popular myths!! DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE!!!

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