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The 6 Keys to Time-Wise Gardening

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The 6 Keys to Time-Wise Gardening

Don’t have time to garden?

  • 9-5 Job + Family + Staying Fit?
  • Can’t be Consistent: Things always come up?
  • Don’t want to spend all that time only to see it all go to waste?

My Story

For nearly a decade, I managed 2 acres primarily with a knife - it's all about design, prep, & management that supports your goals! I was balancing it all too: my wife fighting cancer, my full time job, homeschooling my boys, & the kitchen's endless cycles. I managed to do it, and you can too!

The 6 Keys to Time-Wise Gardening

  1. Weed with a Knife or Scythe

  2. Throw Sow Planting between Perennials

  3. Automate Watering

  4. Zonal Planting

  5. Soil Prep: Winter cover crop & Compost: A Stitch in Time Saves 9

  6. Calendar Approximate Harvest Times


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