The Permaculture Student

A resilient, abundant future starts with permaculture education.

photo by Sierra Hills Photography 2015.

photo by Sierra Hills Photography 2015.

Meet Matt

Matt Powers is an author, educator, and entrepreneur focused on radically transforming the K-12 experience for children everywhere by aligning their education with current regenerative science, natural principles, and clear ethics: earth care, people care, and future care. Through Matt’s collection of online courses, teacher’s guides, textbooks, and workbooks, K-12 students can understand collegiate and graduate school concepts, learn how to ethically redesign our world, and even restore and rewild large landscapes, reversing the devastating effects of climate change. Matt’s work is found in English, Arabic, Polish, and Spanish with a dozen more translations currently in process. Matt’s bold vision is to empower children everywhere to live in regeneration where every action and decision are beneficial to the local and greater ecosystemic and social community. Matt is a former public high school english teacher with a masters in education. Matt provides daily inspirational and regenerative content online and is one of the most-followed permaculture teachers online with over 27,000 Twitter followers and tens of thousands of followers in his many Facebook groups and pages ranging in topics from permaculture education to entrepreneurship to gardening to fungi & more.  READ MORE>

Matt Powers’ work presents the essence of permaculture design in creative and engaging ways for young people. It is a valuable contribution towards a kinder, wiser and more ecologically balanced future for all our children. Bravo!
— Maddy Harland, editor and co-founder of Permaculture magazine

Featured Books

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The Permaculture Student series is a landmark in the evolution of human-ecological relationships, and this latest installment raises the bar even higher than the last. Visually compelling, intellectually enriching, and endlessly motivating, this book will enhance the resilience of people of all age groups and backgrounds for decades to come. Whether you are new to permaculture or well-seeped in its principles, The Permaculture Student 2 condenses a wealth of information into an easily digestible and thoroughly engaging format that is sure to give any reader new points of reference and insight.
I highly recommend it.
— Peter McCoy, Radical Mycology


Matt Powers has focused his permaculture energy and enthusiasm on a critical audience, the children of the world, with the permaculture message that there are positive solutions to the world’s problems and we can all engage in a meaningful life with an abundant future. This crucial commendable work which has been developed exceptionally well should be whole-heartedly supported.
— Geoff Lawton,
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-Matt Powers