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Climate Change is Simpler than You Think

Matt PowersComment

When you disrupt the water cycle, you change a climate locally.

When you remove the forests, you change a climate locally. 

When the topsoils are eroded away, you change the local climate. 

The annual ranges and patterns for ambient temperatures, precipitation, and soil temperatures as well as plant communities define what we call “climate” - we’ve been changing factors that control and affect those key climatic features in all parts of the world at an accelerated rate in recent decades and even centuries, but it is a 10-12,000 year old problem that began with agriculture. The simple act of tilling soil destroys soil structure and releases carbon.

History has a long record of humans exhausting the soils of the lowlands then climbing the hills to deforest them and then plow their soils until they ran down into the lowlands - whereupon we’d return to the lowlands and then sometime later after we’d exhausted that return to the hills to remove the newly grown forest. This pattern sped up natural erosion, led to wars, famine, and collapse of many civilizations. We can return sequester the carbon we’ve let loose, and we can do that by bringing back the components of the original natural cycles: the forests, the soils, and the biodiversity.

Climate change while not trivial in the slightest is very reversible - we just have to move quickly and change our patterns. An abundant future awaits!