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Advanced Seed Saving

Matt PowersComment

How do we get pest and disease resistance, vigor, earliness, drought tolerance, and high germination rates? 

It comes down to how you interact with your seeds and plants, so let me save you some time, effort, and maybe even some money. 

and it’s not just my soils or any amendments, my seeds have been proven to out perform most other commercial seeds in a diversity of climates, soils, and gardens, so it’s not my soil - it’s the seed.

First how I’m saving seed is vital:

  • Select seed from the Best Plants in the Worst Soils or Conditions - Resilience, Drought Tolerance, & Wind Tolerance - usually high germ rate
  • Select seed from the earliest plants and save them separately from all the other seed you harvest - this can maintain the earliness and increase it! This is how we have super short day corn varieties like Painted Mountain Corn.
  • To find disease or pest resistance, first you grow a large amount of that plant type and then let the disease or pest attack your crops and see if you have any plants that survive it or are tolerant or resistance to it. Those are the ones to save seed from.
  • I also am a rough and messy seed saver: I save seed by hand and tons of seed gets blown out with the duff. Only the heaviest seed remains: the densest, largest seeds. This makes for the most nutrient dense and mature seeds only. 

Pest and Disease resistance also starts with healthy soil so if you have healthy soils you can avoid a lot of those problems. 

Advanced Seed Saving is the path to seeds like you’ve never seen! Plants beyond your dreams!

Partnering with nature is Seed Saving - We can do it, and I believe that we can be Nature’s hands and partner with the locusts, bees, and butterflies, and pollinate our plants by design and even sometimes by hand, and before you know it, you’ll have a fridge full of seeds, but if you need some amazing seeds to start with, you can certainly visit my store at or Tune in for our seed, book, and course giveaways and LIVE Q&A on Facebook wednesdays at 4pm. I’ll see you there, until then:

I’m Matt Powers. Grow Abundantly, Learn Daily, & Live Regeneratively!