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How Will We Regenerate Our World?

Matt PowersComment

How are we going to restore the biodiversity, rebuild the soil, regrow the forests, sequester the carbon, clean up the pollution, clean the oceans, and rewild our world?

This question has been on my mind for years - it can't just be isolated individual changes as we have seen so far. It has to become the new normal. It has to become part of our core culture: part of education (that which creates the foundation for our culture) and part of our economy (that which reinforces and builds our culture). Education is the key - I've been working on this for years, and now this is the moment we make the bridge from K-12 to professional. It's time to take that LEAP of Faith in Humanity & Nature, so we can make regeneration a way of life and so we can regenerate our degrading world. 

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Matt Powers