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Learn What's Possible with the Advanced Permaculture Student Online

Matt PowersComment

Are you Dreaming of Regeneration too?

I've been dreaming of a rich and abundant world that doesn't exist, of stable and prosperous cultures that don't exist, of rich, diverse forests and oceans that don't exist... yet. I've been dreaming of you, our communities, our friends and families, and even our governments and schools all working with nature to create an entirely new world. Today we are taking a huge step towards making that world a reality. 

Working with an Amazing Team of Teachers from across the spectrum of applied-permaculture, I'm so honored and excited to announce the Kickstarter Launch for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online - the first regenerative trade school!

Check out the Campaign here & See What's Possible:

Thank you for helping spread the regeneration of our world and cultures,

- Matt Powers

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