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Brad Gates, Creator of 60 New Tomato Varieties in 20 Years - Episode 61 - An Abundant Future with Matt Powers

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Brad Gates of Wildboar farms in Northern California talks with Matt Powers about starting out and how he found his way to organic, heirlooms, stripes, and even anthocyanin splashed tomatoes! Brad shares us his rationale behind his work and the incredible discoveries he's made along the way. 

Brad started out working on a conventional tomato farm and witnessed firsthand the difference between it and organic. When he saw the health of the plants (and higher survival rates), Brad switched to organic. When he saw and tasted heirloom tomatoes he was converted, and when he realized you could save the seeds, he was hooked. Only by a natural accident did Brad start down the road of breeding tomatoes. First it was stripes for Brad, then it was the anthocyanin blush from a wild tomato cross that created an entire new branch to the tomato family. 

Today, Brad teaches classes and talks on tomatoes and tomato breeding with a new book and new courses on the horizon. Follow Brad's work on his site and on social media.

Brad Gates' Wild Boar Farms homepage:

Here are the GameChanger Tomatoes that were turning points in Brad Gates' Career!! Grow the Best Tomatoes Available: 

The Porkchop:

The Black & Brown Boar:

Berkeley Tie Dye:

and one of my favorites - Black Beauty: