The Permaculture Student

A resilient, abundant future starts with permaculture education.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design science that uses the patterns and systems of nature to provide sustainably and regeneratively for both humans and the environment. It is also the best way to repair degraded, polluted, and damaged ecosystems. No matter your skill set, age or field, of study, permaculture design science inspires sustainability and resiliency in design and application.

The Permaculture Student 1

The Permaculture Student 1 is an easy introduction to permaculture that serves as a clear, reference for anyone wanting to learn what permaculture is quickly or if they are teaching permaculture to children or youth as well. Originally designed for middle schoolers, all ages are currently using the textbook all over the world, and it is being translated into over a dozen languages - Polish and Arabic are already available on the Translations page.

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The Permaculture Student Online

Applying his years of working as a teacher in multiple disciplines, homesteader, gardener, plant breeder, seed saver, curriculum author, and researcher, Matt has opened an online program to accompany the Permaculture Student textbook series. Focused on starting resilient small businesses and homesteads from scratch, students of all ages and families learn through weekly collections of videos, worksheets, coloring pages, projects, activities, & critical thinking with teacher's guides, recipes, plant focuses, seed saving, & Q&A.

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Learn to start a resilient and sustainable homestead or business from scratch... or seed.

Our Objectives:

  1. To inspire a love and appreciation for nature's patterns and systems
  2. To help students and families everywhere live regeneratively
  3. To help develop regenerative and ethical local economies though permaculture-based entrepreneurism 
  4. To present and inspire a new way of designing our civilization and collective future

About Matt Powers

Matt Powers speaks at conferences, colleges, schools, and events about permaculture, seeds, and education. He has spoken at the National Heirloom Expo, Soil Not Oil, A Place for Sustainability, San Diego Heirloom Seed Swap, SLOLA, Permaculture Voices, Baker Creek's Spring Planting Festival, Valley Home Educators convention, CoCo San Sustainable Farm, A Place for Sustainability, CVCUE, the International School of Los Angeles, the WorldBeat Center in SD, & more. Matt has published articles in Permaculture Magazine North America and Permaculture Design Magazine. He works closely with scientists, researchers, regenerative farmers, Permaculture Magazine North America, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, SOPI, PRI Australia, Radical Mycology, other authors, and all his students across the globe.

The Powers on PBS

In enduring traditional societies children are the centre of the village and are recognised as a precious responsibilities that deserve our best attentions. Too often, modern society has forgotten that promise to educate and pass on wisdom and values to the next generations.

Matt Power’s work presents the essence of permaculture design in creative and engaging ways for young people. It is a valuable contribution towards a kinder, wiser and more ecologically balanced future for all our children. Bravo!
— Maddy Harland, editor and co-founder of Permaculture magazine
Matt Powers has focused his permaculture energy and enthusiasm on a critical audience, the children of the world, with the permaculture message that there are positive solutions to the world’s problems and we can all engage in a meaningful life with an abundant future. This crucial commendable work which has been developed exceptionally well should be whole-heartedly supported.
— Geoff Lawton,