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Actions Not Labels Defines the Future

Matt Powers1 Comment

Permaculture. Holistic Management. Natural Farming. Biointensive Farming. Agroforestry. Agroecology. Biomimicry. Organic. Biodynamic. Regenerative. Syntropic.

What is the deal with the name game?

We often give names to things to create ownership in business to protect ourselves and differentiate ourselves from others in the market, but in all reality there's more to the picture: synchronicity in nature and in invention has occurred throughout time and history. We are all arriving at this same conclusion because our surroundings imply the same solution: we must work with nature. All these labels are simply synonyms for the same general idea. Names can help us if the unify or hurt us if they divide, and as always: actions speak louder than words. If we are all acting regeneratively, the names we use doesn't matter.

The 5 Steps to an Abundant Future

I came up with the 5 steps to focus on actions over labels within the regenerative community but only after spending several years reading books by other people in this space and boiling down their teaching into my book. We are all in essence just trying to guarantee an abundant future for all life which means we need an abundant and vibrant natural world that has people systems patterning with it ethically and regeneratively.

How can I start on these steps?

You can start today by registering for a FREE 3 video series on How to Fight Climate Change Holistically. I'll cover the 5 steps & show you how you can start on these in your own life, so you can live freer, more abundantly, & regeneratively.