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How do I start a Regenerative/Permaculture Business?

Matt PowersComment

What's your Passion?

Are you into mushrooms? Cows? Holacracy? Helping the elderly? Working with kids? Gardening? Regenerative workers come in all fields and serving both the earth and people. Find what makes you smile wider than you thought your mouth could stretch! What gets you wired more than coffee ever could? What gives you meaning?

Find a Need

What needs are there in your community? What are the stressors in your life that others share? How does your passion fill others needs? Can you connect the two?


When we align our passions with our business with serving people and our bioregional ecosystems, we see incredible things happen. The integrity that all of us desire naturally arises out of doing what you believe in: that rightness or congruency is rooted there. We must walk the walk and talk the talk in public and behind closed doors, in times of ease and stress, with loved ones and with strangers. We must be one consistent message both to ourselves and the world. Only then will our regenerative message be its most clear, loud, and inspiring. Find your alignment and then hammer out a rhythm... and join the new course where we are learning to do this in a group I facilitate with others who have been doing this for years as well as starting out. 

If you feel called to this work, please join us in the Regeneration: