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Choose Today - Don't Wait!

Matt PowersComment

Choose to Regenerate - Don’t Wait!

Today is the day we choose. Today.

What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of person do I want to be? What will it actually look like? How will I feel? Who will I be? How will I make money? How will our institutions adapt? These questions are at the heart of the transition we currently find ourselves in.

Some of us feel trapped like we are on a dead end street or that we are sinking - I know that feeling. I lived there most of my life. I grew up there. Only when I disregarded everything put on me did I free myself. Only when I did the thing that everyone said was impossible did my life change and the world changed around me. This is the only path to change - you have to have faith that change is possible. Once you begin, it begins. 

Take today: Seize it.

Make this the day you start that compost heap, open your business, plant those trees, inoculate that substrate, have that talk, surprise your wife, slow down and listen to your kids, or go on that walk you always mean to go on. Meditate. Make big plans. Eat Healthier. Make Bold Promises to yourself & others. Write the steps out, and find the path to that grand vision. There’s always a path.

Don’t have money? 

Gather wild seeds. Buy cheap seeds and grow them out to seed organically: make those seeds your organic adaptations. Eat em the next year. Building a garden only takes a shovel and commitment. All the rest is variable. You can get free trees, seeds, free animals, fencing, you name it - as long as you’re part of your community and giving what you can - even if it’s a kind word or an patient ear or a helping hand, if you give, you will get. 

Want to start a business? 

Scale up your life, your garden, your mind, your heart. Go BIG and you’ll find that extra cash, that abundance to sell, that network, that mentor and those customers. They will flock to your abundance like bees to a field of wildflowers, but you have to plant those seeds today to harvest that yield. You have to read that book today to implement its insights tomorrow. You have to start your plan today to start on it at all.

We’ve never had this kind of access to people, to the market, to resources, and information - it is our moment NOW to make bold changes to our culture, environment, and ourselves before its too late. We must transform and in doing so alter the world we live in holistically to be something unrecognizable. As profound as the internet has changed our world, we will have to change it again to partner with nature to survive this climate instability we are only just now entering. We can create areas of stability and regularity, but it will only come out of what we do now, today, while we still have these powerful windows of opportunity. Our moment is Now and if you are listening to this, you know what you can do to help. If you hear my voice, then you are someone who is aware of something that can be done and you’ve yet to do it. No matter what you’ve already done, you already know something more that can be done. That means you are gifted with a vision that can change the world, maybe it’s just your corner of the world, but it’s still needed. That dream is needed, and the seeds must be planted in fertile soil of the present - today.

So I ask you to ask yourself. To Choose.

Who do you want to be? Your best self? What do you want to do with your life? What’s your permaculture vision? Your regenerative dream business? Go out and make it happen. It won’t happen overnight. It will take planning. Adaptation. Setbacks. Hardwork. Teamwork. Reflection. But start Today. The Miracle of Life we call Nature is always waiting. It’s a promise of abundance in every hill and valley, in every person and community on earth. There is a potential for greatness, for change, for syntropy, and you already feel it. Grab hold of that feeling - pull it into you. Use it as fuel to get you to your destination. Your heart and mind are your engine and compass; listen to them carefully - you can make it real. You can make those changes. You can become that person. If you can see it, you can be it, so Seize it with Joy, with Determination, and do it today.


I’m Matt Powers. Grow Abundantly, Learn Daily, & Live Regeneratively.