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The 10 Biggest Gardening Mistakes

Avoid These Mistakes & Avoid Gardening Disaster! Embrace permaculture & grow a garden that improves your health and the health of all the ecosystems around it exponentially every year!


10. Garden Placement in the Wrong Area

9. Over Fertilizing

8. Over watering or Under Watering

7. Over Planting

6. Gardening Burnout (Overworking)

5. Not Crop Rotating

4. Tillage

3. Not Designing for Wildlife

2. Planting too late or too early

1. Using biocides and chemical fertilizers

Next Steps:

  1. Cover Crops - plant some legumes to chop and drop into your system

  2. Compost - bring back the life and raise the organic matter levels with compost or compost tea or extract

  3. BroadForking - aerate your soil gently to let compost tea infiltrate deep into the ground. 

Until Next Time... Live Regeneratively, -Matt Powers