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Dig into Tomatoes with Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms & Matt - exclusive footage from inside The Permaculture Student Online

Want your own incredible tomatoes too?

You can buy them directly from Brad Gates HERE or click the image.

Do you struggle with growing tomatoes?

Here are some tips for making it happen:

  • Select a short season variety that tolerates your conditions (Cold? Check out Snow Fairy or Sub-Artic Plenty. Hot? Buy seeds from Iran or Southwestern seed companies or grow yellow pear tomato which I've grown in gravel without irrigation!)

  • Start indoors & "cup up" - move from container to container, burying the plant up to its neck each time (removing the leave al the way up to the final top tuft). All those hairs turn into lateral roots, so be gentle!

  • Use a cover crop, broadfork, & the best compost you can find to prepare the growing area - chop and drop the cover crop in time to have a clean slate at the start of spring

  • Select an area that gets enough sun and provide adequate water throughout the season 

  • Companion plant with herbs like basil and chives and other plants like carrots that will protect and nourish the tomatoes as they grow

Thank you for choosing to live more regeneratively!

Grow Abundantly, Learn Daily, & Live Regeneratively,

Matt Powers