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Welcome to Soils & Fungi

This section is all about the soil and the architects of complex ecosystems: fungi. The videos are a great starting point for this section though The Permaculture Student 2 has the most complete and advanced permaculture soil section currently available, and it directly connects to Dr. Elaine Ingham's soil certification courses and Peter McCoy's Radical Mycology courses and writings. Enjoy the videos but don't neglect to read the two chapters in my book, and check out Peter & Elaine - their work is what inspired and they personally guided my work.

From Permaculture Gardening with Matt Powers

More on Soils & Compost with Dr. Elaine Ingham in the BONUS WEEK!

Recommended Reading & Workbook Activities

The Permaculture Student Workbook p. 16-21

The Permaculture Student 1 p. 23-28

The Permaculture Student 2 p. 75-133