The Permaculture Student

A resilient, abundant future starts with permaculture education.

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Why Entrepreneurism using Permaculture Solutions?

  • Entrepreneurism brings a completely different perspective on the world - one of solutions that pairs perfectly with permaculture 

  • We need more regenerative options asap

  • So we can live joyously, ethically, and abundantly knowing we are honoring ourselves, each other and the world around us

  • Take Permaculture from theory and the garden into our mainstream culture

Next Steps:

  1. Shift your spending to local, regenerative products as quickly as possible wherever and whenever possible - this helps you learn the local market and gaps in service

  2. Start making more regenerative solutions a part of your own routine at home especially with activities that can scale up into a local business you are passionatte about: start saving seed, growing mushrooms, gardening, composting, making cob structures, etc.