The Permaculture Student

A resilient, abundant future starts with permaculture education.


"Permaculture is a way of seeing the world to solve problems holistically and ethically. It’s not just how to garden, run a business, or design a farm; it is a lens that allows us to recognize the patterns and attributes of the natural world of which we are part of, inextricably. When you study permaculture in-depth, it changes how you view everything. You see whole systems everywhere and whole systems within those systems. You start to identify and recognize the plants in your local area. You notice the sun path. You also start to include earth care and future care in your planning, thinking, problem solving, teaching, daily living, and relationships. Your peers will notice. Your family will notice. You will notice and reflect more than you ever have.

Once you begin to see yourself as part of a cycle, you begin to have more choices in your behavior both ecologically and socially. Permaculture helps us to recognize our place in the natural order but also the limitless possibilities. We see how we can help, how we can prosper, how we can connect beneficially, and how we can ensure a bright future for all. Despite all the damage we’ve done and continue to do collectively, we can be the most powerful creative forces on earth. We can set the stage for nature to restore the degraded and damaged ecosystems, and we can encourage and support that transition through our daily lives and work. We are not helpless; we are the only ones with the power to reverse the trend, and we can make an abundance and heal our communities at the same time.

Use this book, its references, the peer reviewers’ courses, and your own research and experiences to lead you to a more effective regenerative patterns. There has never been a greater need for ethical, regenerative living at any point in human history than there is now. You now carry with you the information and tools to redesign our world to be regenerative not destructive, to teach people to be producers not just consumers, and to live ethically not just lawfully. The future is in your hands. You are not alone; the most powerful forces on earth are working with you.

Go out and make it real in your own life.

Start small and go big.

Share your work.

Go viral.

The best is yet to come.

The world’s potential is beyond our wildest dreams.


(The Permaculture Student 2, p. 348-349).