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Use this image in your posts and connect it to your affiliate link - on average, every visit equates to $100 made!! JUST KEEP SHARING IT!!

Use this image in your posts and connect it to your affiliate link - on average, every visit equates to $100 made!! JUST KEEP SHARING IT!!

Welcome APSO Teacher Affiliates!!

This course would not be what it is without your participation and support!! I could not do it alone - we need a spectrum of perspectives, methods, techniques, philosophies, and more to bridge the gap between where we are and where we need to be. With your help, we will make it happen!!


I’ll be sending out emails with updates, new free stuff to share with people to get them excited, and weekly content to share. Thank you so much for being part of our team! Scroll on down and check out your resources - read through the email samples and see what feels right to you: you can always edit it! Start working on promoting the course: make a schedule, make a plan, and stick to it! Your positivity, sharing of critical facts and information, and samples of the course will guide you to connect with those who need this course most! From that point on, it’s all downhill!!

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TEACHER Example 1:

Title: Incredible Advanced Permaculture!!


I usually don’t write about permaculture design programs, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight the amazing work of aka Matt Powers: he has gathered an incredible group of teachers - over 70 from around the world - and using the first peer-reviewed permaculture curriculum, that he wrote, he’s now launching, The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, the most ambitious and in-depth permaculture course ever conceived, and you don’t want to miss it. It’s a project-based advanced permaculture design certification course, the first of its kind, and it’s lifetime access!


It’s a BIG story, our regenerative world and our role in it, so a spectrum of voices are needed to tell it - I am honored to be included as part of the teaching staff. If you’re still on the fence at this point, feel free to download the textbook I mentioned earlier for FREE HERE [LINK TO EBOOK] - see for yourself why folks are saying it’s the best permaculture textbook available. You can also check out an amazing collection of excerpts from The Advanced Permaculture Student Online HERE. [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]


Students are saying AMAZING THINGS:


[Select Reviews from Below]


On top of all this excitement, there’s an early bird discount for a limited time that is 30% off - See what’s possible in social permaculture, ocean restoration, advanced gardening, carbon farming, mycology, renewable energy, permatecture, the regenerative economy, deep soil science, urban permaculture, and so much more! 


Join the Regeneration Today: [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]


TEACHER Example 2:

Title: Beyond a PDC?

Advanced Permaculture is here, and it leads directly to career paths in the regenerative economy, but where can you learn about Advanced Permaculture and from who? There are so many career paths since every role in our current economy has a regenerative twin just waiting to be inspired into existence - how can 1 instructor be an expert in it all? 

What about over 70 teachers in a globally peer-reviewed, student-centered, project-based 6 month program? What if it was lifetime access with a support group discussion-based community format? 

What if I told you it was HERE now? The Advanced Permaculture Student Online is EXACTLY as described above and it’s AMAZING. How do I know? I’m one of the teachers in the course!!! 

Check out what students are saying:

[Select Reviews from Below]


You can signup HERE for a limited time at 30% OFF - that’s $300 OFF!!

You’ve Waited Long Enough - Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Dive Into the Regenerative Life of Your Dreams!!


CLICK HERE & Watch Excerpts from The Advanced Permaculture Student Online!! [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]


TEACHER Example 3:

Title: Peer-Reviewed Permaculture?

There’s only 1 peer-reviewed global, all-climate, full-spectrum permaculture textbook currently available and it expands what has been accepted permaculture to new areas like ocean restoration, current mycology, current soil science,  renewable energy, permatecture, social permaculture, regenerative entrepreneurship, holistic management, the regrarians platform, and more - do you want a free copy? 

Reviewed by a broad range of experts from Masanobu Fukuoka’s editor and student, Larry Korn, to Urban Market Gardener, Curtis Stone, from soil expert Dr. Elaine Ingham to health expert Dr. Jeanne Wallace, from ecological landscaping business leaders like Erik Ohlsen to seaweed farming with Antoinette and Dan Marquez - this book has EVERYTHING. It finally organizes Permaculture into an academic format that connects to the greater world outside the homestead and garden. 

CLICK HERE [LINK TO EBOOK] to download a copy of The Permaculture Student 2 by Matt Powers, and CLICK HERE [LINK TO LANDING PAGE] to watch exclusive videos about The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, the INCREDIBLE Online course Matt is hosting with over 70+ experts from around the world. The free book is the basis for the advanced course, so you can get a really clear idea of the amazing educational experience this course: This the first project-based, student-centered Advanced Permaculture course ever offered!! If you like the book, you are going to LOVE the course: it’s a TON more information and so many amazing teachers - not to mention the incredible community!

If you are looking for peer-reviewed, academic, organized, and professional permaculture, you found it! Learn more about the course HERE. [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]


TEACHER Example 4:

Title: Professional Permaculture?

Did you know there’s such a thing? There are people making money with permaculture outside the PDC teacher and consulting circuit - they are almost all finding the permacultural twins of roles found already in the degenerative economy though some are creating new roles in the emerging regenerative economy. You may even have heard of these new developments: goat herds are replacing chemicals and machines to manage landscapes regeneratively, rooftop farms are appearing in cities, large-scale thermophilic composting is becoming common in municipalities everywhere, and regenerative large-landscape restoration is becoming profitable too - just to name a few. As the foundation of our economies and cultures, the food, fiber, fuel, energy, and medicine production shifts to regenerative sources, the value added products and services will align with that base, and socioeconomic trophic cascades will occur as bioregions find equilibrium and abundance, but it starts with first spread the new regenerative career paths.

I am ecstatic to be part of The Advanced Permaculture Student Online as one of the over 70 experts from around the world to speak on advanced regenerative solutions. This course changes lives and is considered “the best permaculture course” many have ever taken - the reviews are incredible:

[Select Reviews from Below]


If you want to learn more, you can even download the textbook the course is based on for FREE - it’s peer-reviewed by experts like Darren Doherty, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Peter McCoy, and more. Click HERE [LINK TO EBOOK] to download it and check it out! It’s the first peer-reviewed permaculture textbook, and it’s designed for high school students and college students (it’s easy to read but covers high level science). 


If you want to SEE what the course is like, you can watch some AMAZING course sample videos HERE. [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]


Join the Regeneration - Signup Today: Join Me & Over 70 Experts in The Advanced Permaculture Student Online



TEACHER Example 5:

Title: Making Money with Permaculture?

You don’t have to be a PDC teacher to make money with Permaculture? You can apply Permaculture to ANYTHING and get a regenerative solution for that problem - even outside the garden! That’s why amazing experts like Dr. Elaine Ingham, Peter McCoy, Darren Doherty, Dr. Jeanne Wallace, and over 70 other regenerative professionals are teaming up with Matt Powers in The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, the first advanced permaculture design certification program of its kind. It’s project-based and student-centered, so you actually create something real based on what you want to do, and that is your certification: it’s NEXT LEVEL, and I’m so honored to say that I’m one of those teachers!! 

See what the course is based on - download the first peer-reviewed permaculture textbook EVER, fully cited and full spectrum. It includes Ocean Restoration, Mycology, Renewable Energy, & so much more - CLICK HERE [LINK TO EBOOK] to download The Permaculture Student 2, the 2nd edition. 

Want to check out the course itself? CLICK HERE [LINK TO LANDING PAGE] to watch course excerpts and learn more about this incredible and unique opportunity. It also includes INCREDIBLE bonuses, ebooks, audiobooks, and an entrepreneurship and educators add-on course worth $597!!

For a limited time, join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online for a 30% Early Bird Discount + All the AMAZING Bonuses - CLICK HERE [LINK TO LANDING PAGE] and Learn More!

Thank you for choosing to live regeneratively!!


Generic Introductory Email Examples:

Title: How Will We Regenerate Our World?

There are many people out there who are uncertain, scared, in denial, drained of hope, and running away from reality. Our world needs help - it needs regenerating. It’s up to us - our governments are not going to move fast enough or force us to change: we have to make the hard choices now to make tomorrow livable…. BUT it’s really not all that dark and arduous a journey as we’d think: the path to an abundant future is thick with purpose, meaning, and holistic benefit. We can heal the earth and make a good living at the same time - there are folks doing it right now: I know some of them. They love their lives and love what they do for a living, and they are a growing crowd of happy people doing good things, and we want everyone to have a chance to live fulfilling and positive lives. That’s why we’re teaming up with The Advanced Permaculture Student Online and over 70 teachers from around world and host, Matt Powers, to connect you with career paths that help you help yourself, your neighbors, the environment, and the future.

Download the Permaculture Student 2 eBook to see what the course is based on and watch samples of the course:

Click HERE to Download the Ebook [LINK TO EBOOK]

Click HERE to Watch AMAZING Course Samples!! [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]

Find your niche in the abundant future that permaculture can bring.


Title: His Students had only 3 Choices: Debt, the Military, or Trouble

Have you heard of Matt Powers, the high school teacher turned permaculture author and educator? He was teaching in one of the poorest counties in California and the 6th most violent county in America. His students had limited options - it drove Matt to start creating The Permaculture Student Series and his new online course, The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, which is setting a new standard for permaculture education with over 70 diverse professionals that span the regenerative spectrum. If we want a regenerative economy and a livable future, we need the career paths to make it possible. Teaming up with Matt Powers and the advanced team, we are making this possible! We can take back the momentum and turn things towards connecting college students and adults to real solutions and real career paths that honor them, the earth, and their legacy. 


Whether you are interested in mycology, soil science, landscaping, the fibershed economy, holistic management, seaweed farming, hemp farming, keyline design, biochar, Korean natural farming, scaling up your homestead, or just curious as to what a hopeful, inspiring, and abundant future can look like and how you can participate in it: this course is for you! This course also comes with a TON OF GOODIES from its many teachers - check out the Amazing Bonuses!! Get your Advanced Permaculture Certification with The Advanced Permaculture Student Online this October 21st and get an exclusive $100 discount when you signup through us here: [also could be adapted to Early Bird $300 Off] [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]

Still on the fence? Download the course textbook and see for yourself how amazing it will be: Download The Permaculture Student Online [LINK TO EBOOK]


Title: What comes after a PDC?

A PDC or a permaculture design course introduces you to permaculture and helps you design a sustainable home site. 

Have you heard of Matt Powers?

Matt’s a former high school teacher, now permaculture author, gardener, vlogger, and online educator and he is organizing a massive online course involving over 70 educators from around the world focused on regenerative career paths and lifestyles. There’s never been a course like this before - it goes further than any permaculture course ever created tying in the riparian and ocean restoration, alternative energy, permatecture, social permaculture, and so much more as it goes to new depths in soil science, mycology, keyline design, life planning, and more! 

Get your advanced permaculture certification and find your niche in the regenerative economy! You can stop being part of the desertification and degradation of our world: You Can Be The Solution! Join this one of a kind course that covers more ground than any online course ever has!!

Join the most diverse and advanced permaculture course ever given this October 21st with 70+ educators, Matt Powers, & [our organization/organization name/me] - Get $100 off when you use our exclusive link here: [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]


2nd Wave/Reminder Emails:

Title: There’s Still Time To SignUp

It’s not too late! You can join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online and be part of the Regeneration! Get your advanced certification & make it REAL!!

That signup includes the 7 Bonus Ebooks, the Audiobooks, Lifetime Access, & the Entrepreneurship & Educators Course - All at an Exclusive Discount!! Get $100 OFF when you SignUp through our special link HERE. [LINK TO SALE PAGE]

Don’t Wait!! Signups will close before you know it!

Click HERE to signup! [LINK TO SALE PAGE]


Title: [Teaser Title]

Check out this AMAZING excerpt from The Advanced Permaculture Student Online - I think you are going to find as fascinating as I did!! CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT [VIDEO LINK]

Did you download the FREE ebook the course is based on yet? It’s INCREDIBLE and the only peer-reviewed permaculture course ever written! WILD RIGHT? Download that HERE.

Check out what students are saying about APSO:

[Select from Reviews Below]

If you are looking to make a living helping people and the planet, this is the best place to learn about how it all fits and works together. There’s still time to join us - learn more here: [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]


Title: Exclusive New Sneak Peak: [Teaser Title]

An ALL-NEW Video from The Advanced Permaculture Student Online has just been released and I wanted to share it with you: [Teaser Title & Link]

It’s incredible the breadth and depth in this course - no matter who you are or what you are interested in, you’ll find yourself stretching your understanding further and deeper than ever before. 

Check out what students are saying:

[Select from Reviews Below]

If you are looking for something to change your life, The Advanced Permaculture Student Online with over 70 expert teachers from around the world is an amazing place to do it: Grow Regeneratively with Matt Powers - Click HERE [LINK TO SALE PAGE] & Join the Regeneration!


Title: We Need You

There’s not enough time and there’s not enough people involved - we need people to dive into the regeneration in-depth, professionally, and to apply it. If you are reading this, you know what I’m talking about: We Need You. None of these changes that you see in your daily life are going to be made unless you make them happen. It’s up to us, but how to do it: with experts, professional training, and a support group. That’s EXACTLY what The Advanced Permaculture Student Online offers. It’s the first peer-reviewed advanced permaculture program ever designed, and it’s project-based and student-centered, so you are going to make your dreams a reality. That’s how the Advanced Certification works: It’s AMAZING! Check out more on the course HERE [LINK TO Landing PAGE]

You can make the differnce in your life, family, community and bioregion, and we need you to start taking massive action TODAY, so SignUP and Join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online & get AMAZING BONUSES & an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for a Limited Time Only!! Click HERE [LINK TO SALE PAGE]


Last Call Emails:

Title: Last Call on Early Bird Pricing!!

Last Call!!

There's still time for the full price signups to the Advanced Permaculture Student Online, BUT if you'd like a $300 Discount, NOW IS THE TIME TO SIGNUP [Link to Sale Page]

Thank You for Living Regeneratively!!

PS: Matt Powers just released a new video HERE [Link to Teaser Video]


Title: Final Week to SignUp for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity!! 

The Advanced Permaculture Student Online Signups CLOSE THIS WEEK!! This is a powerful, life-changing course that is designed for EVERYONE to make the Regeneration REAL in their Life! Authentic Project-Based Learning is the cutting edge of education, and Matt Powers along with a HUGE Group of Teachers are guiding students through transformative experiences with advanced permaculture: students are launching businesses, healing landscapes, healing people, and rebuilding communities and local economies. We need EVERYONE so please take a moment to check out and see what is being offered. It’s EXACTLY what we need to guarantee a brighter future for  all: a clear pathway to a regenerative future!

Click Here [LINK TO Landing PAGE] to Learn More - See you in the Course!!


Title: Final Day to SignUp for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

THIS IS IT!! The Last Day for SignUps to the Most Advanced Permaculture Course Available: 

  • Learn with over 70 Experts from around the World

  • 6 Months of Video-Based Education + Weekly LIVE Q&A

  • Find Your Niche in the Regenerative Economy

  • Earn your Advanced Permaculture Design Certification + a Standard PDC too!

  • Get 7 Ebooks + 2 Audiobooks (the Course Textbook & Workbook)

  • Free Enrollment in Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Educators, the $597 Online Course

  • Make Your Dream A Reality & Get Recognition For It


See What Students Are Saying:

[Select from Reviews Below]


Title: Only 1 Hour Left to SignUp for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

You’ve waited long enough - Don’t Let This Go! You Deserve THIS!

The Advanced Permaculture Student Online is the BEST Permaculture Course Online. It’s the most advanced, in-depth, and up-to-date; it also has the most experts and educators supporting it. It’s also based on the ONLY peer-reviewed textbook series. It is the ONLY advanced permaculture certification program based on peer-reviewed permaculture curriculum. This is the ONLY Student-Centered, Project-Based Permaculture Certification program as well. You are the ONLY person who can change your life and respond to all the problems you see in the world. It’s ONLY us that stands between a brighter future for all and extinction. It’s our time to rise and make the difference!! This is the greatest challenge of our generation!!


This is your LAST CHANCE to join this course: SIGNUPS CLOSE WITHIN THE HOUR!! Don’t Miss It - SignUp RIGHT NOW [Link to Sales Page]



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Social Media Posts

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Learn with over 40+ Professionals who are Earning a Living Healing the Earth! We can reverse the damage & craft an abundant future! Join Us - Click the Link: 


Post #3 - Are you searching for Advanced Permaculture?

Download The Permaculture Student 2 Ebook and see what The Advanced Permaculture Student Online is based on: it’s the first peer-reviewed permaculture textbook and the first book since Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual (1989) to be a cited global text. Download it FREE here: [Ebook Download Link]

Learn More about this AMAZING course & watch FREE VIDEOS from it HERE: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #4 - Get your Certification in a one of a kind experience with over 70 educators from across the regenerative spectrum of permaculture - from oceans to deserts to mountains to cities to farms to alternative power to social systems: Learn How You Can Make The Change [Link to Landing Page]

Post #5 - Is it Possible to Make Money with Permaculture?

Learn from leaders in the regenerative economy who are making it possible - get the career training you need: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #6 - How are we going to reverse the damage?
Join us [me] and 70 other educators and learn to heal the world and make a living at the same time + enjoy some INCREDIBLE BONUSES. Join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #7 - What Will Your Future Be Like?
Want to know how to make it AMAZING? Join 40+ Regenerative Experts in The Advanced Permaculture Student Online & find your niche in the Regenerative Economy! [Link to Landing Page]


Post #8 - Is it Possible to Heal the World with Every Purchase, Action, & Interaction?

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Post #9 - Can we Heal our World?

We can’t do it without you - Learn How You Can Help: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #10 - We Need Your Help - Join the Regeneration & Start Making the Future Brighter with 70+ Regenerative Experts in the Most In-depth & Fun Permaculture Course Ever Created! Make Your Dreams a Reality!! Learn More: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #11 - Make Your Dreams a Regenerative Reality with The Advanced Permaculture Student Online - Click the Link to Learn More: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #12 - Become a Professional Permaculturist - Change the World! Learn How: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #13 - FREE Advanced Permaculture Videos: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #14 - Are you looking for In-Depth Permaculture? Look no further: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #15 - Are you looking for cited and peer reviewed permaculture? Click here - this link’s for you: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #16 - Tried Everything in Permaculture but STILL FRUSTRATED? You likely need to dive into advanced permaculture with professionals who make their living partnering with nature - Learn more: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #18 - Who do you want to be when you grow up? Are you living it now? Find your Niche Healing the Planet and Ourselves with The Advanced Permaculture Student Online - Learn More: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #19 - THE PLAN: Heal the World, Heal Ourselves, & Steer Towards the Regenerative Future! Join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online & Make it REAL: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #20 - It’s TIME - Let’s Regenerate Our World!! Learn more: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #21 - There IS a Common Solution to All Our Problems: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #22 - We CAN Regenerate Our World & Rewild Our Cultures: [Link to Landing Page]


Post #23 - If We Don’t Act Today, There Won’t Be A Tomorrow To Save. Climate Change Can Be CHANGED - Learn How You Can Get Involved: [Link to Landing Page]


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“It is my opinion that it is the best permaculture course in the world” -James Webb

Matt Powers - you are the true reflection of what permaculture means with caring for people not just the paperwork. This is my destiny and I knew as soon as I signed up that this was the course, that it would change my life.” - Beth Healey

“This course is World Class! I love the info. I own a company and work 70 hours a week. This is the best course I have ever taken on this subject. Matt Powers ROCKS!!!” -Mike Garcia

“The PDC from a few years ago truly changed my way of looking at everything. Your course has up-scaled the learning to reach deeper into the way I view the interior and exterior worlds…micro to macro.” -Jennifer Brennan

“I appreciate your tremendous, inspiring work and this exciting learning experience so much.” - Yoko Fujimoto

This course is fantastic Matt! Your energy amps up the lessons and I love the audiobook format. I'm honored to be a part of this. Thank you brother." -Nik Cudnik 

"You know how you didn't know you were looking for something until you found it? That's how I feel about this course!" -Deidra Jowers

"I feel as if I was just offered a choice between taking the red pill or the blue pill. Mind=blown." -Ryan Markley

"Matt, you make this so fun. Love your laugh at the start. Oh my gosh I love this course because of you. Rejoice!!" -Aztrel 

"I got my B.S. in Biology in 1995. I have been looking for a way to go to grad school ever since. This course and your programs are so much more efficient at delivering information... Not to mention the real world experience of your guest teachers and students. I cannot think of a better way to continue my education than what you are offering and this community. Thank you to everyone." - RJ Cox

"I really thought I knew something about nature. Just in the last two weeks I learned nature is a new science with a lot of niches to fill in. So many gaps in education. We should be teaching this to our children. Imagine the potencial of human race's evolution if we all start with this kind of basic understanding of nature early on in our education system. Geoff Lawton's PDC completely changed my understanding of nature, but this course is just taking it to a whole new level. Future now looks more feasible. We have to set a good example so we can properly inoculate people around us. We are really living in a nature illiterate society, our biggest challenge is to fully understand the impact of community building in nature and society. Thank you Matt for all your effort to put all this information together, it is really powerful and empowering." - Thiago 

"Thx Matt Powers I’ve been super impressed with the mass amount of information provided thus far and the support from you and the class mates has been world class." -Anthony Harris

"I’m learning so much, but the part I constantly talk about to others is the soil food web, the biology in our soil. Everything else is wonderful too and much of it new info for me, but the biology is like the magic key that I was missing from all these half-knows. The startling realization of all of it is like if I stuck my head in water and realized I could breath there all this time; why did I not notice it before, but now that I do it’s amazing. I’m excited that this course gives me a lot of hope" - Katherine Barton

"I’d have to say that my understanding of the earth and permaculture in general has expanded to universal portions. As well as my beliefs in my ability to make a positive change." -David Medearis 

"I have learned tons of new things... Thank you Matt for being so generous and bringing so many experts into your course. You ALL open millions of opportunities :-)" -Trinidad Arribas

"This course has been the most valuable course I've ever taken, and I cant wait to go back through it all a second and third time. This is a true gift to the world Mr. Powers. Thank you!" -Mark

"I have learned so much so far and my perception of permaculture has changed beyond expectations. In the past, many of my ideas stayed ideas and I am acting instead of dreaming now. I meet up with people and reach out more to others to share knowledge, plants and seeds. I have started to sprout indoors and I am yielding an abundance. I am brewing kombucha where I have created a system of abundant flow. I'm finding ways to create an abundant amount of Oman Desert sweet potato slips indoors that I plan to give away. I'm learning to cool my house more effectively similarly to what Matt just spoke about. I am just creating more in general. I'm teaching, trading, learning and observing. I have brought a lot back to zone 0 to refocus thought and energy. Everything I do now requires much more critical thinking and planning and it has changed everything for me. My gratitude goes out to everyone in this course because I gain awesome insight and knowledge from everyone's comments!!!" -Matthew Wesner

"I've always understood intuitively that everything is connected, but the course has clearly illustrated in tangible ways how this is true. I've taken Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web course and had the pleasure of hearing Darren Doherty speak in Santa Barbara and read P.A. Yeoman's Water for Every Farm, but this is the first time I have seen all of it presented as an integrated coherent whole. It's almost like studying the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the digestive system - and then experiencing them as a living thriving whole body. It's systems within systems. Very cool!" -James B.

"There is so much in this course! I love the sharing and collaborative way people want to work. I love the innovative ideas and projects going on. I love the positivity. I love how Matt is so supportive and responsive. I tell everyone about Permaculture and this course! I think Permaculture is the umbrella that I've been looking connects everything that I've intuitively felt at a deep level." - Monique Challis

"Thanks for taking a bold leap and including these sometimes difficult to talk about topics in a permaculture course. You're the man Matt! -David V.


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Thank you again for being an affiliate - this is an exclusive group & we are spreading the regeneration in a new empowering egalitarian way: thank you for joining us!!

-Matt Powers