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A resilient, abundant future starts with permaculture education.

There's never been more reasons to join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online - we have over 60 teachers, an official PDC + a trailblazing and cutting-edge Advanced Certification Program, over 20 Weeks of Videos/Group Discussion/Q&A/Activities&Readings from peer-reviewed and fully cited resources, & includes SO MANY AMAZING BONUSES!!


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  • 4 Weeks Longer with Footage of Real Examples!! 20 Weeks Total!

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There's never been a better time to start on a regenerative path - Get your Advanced Permaculture Certification, become a Regenerative Force in your Bioregion! This Earth Day make the Difference - Let's ACT! 

We've waited long enough - we cannot wait any longer: We Must CHANGE the Course of History. We all can see where it is taking us, and we don't like it. Our children deserve better than our current reality, and they don't deserve the projected futures of collapse. The only option is to partner with Nature - to revive the syntropic cycles of nature all over the world to heal it. We can do this easily but our economic system and our ways of life get in the way. We can change that if we can change the way we earn and spend money, so that every purchase and investment was regenerative. It  is possible. Not only is it possible, it's profitable. You can make a living this way, grow all your food this way, get off the grid this way, and build resilient, equitable, and ethical communities this way too - it's all possible. This course will teach you both the how and the why of permaculture in all settings. It will also provide the platform from which you can launch your dreams, career, farm, homestead, research - the sky is the limit!

The Time is Now - Join the Regeneration! Join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online with a $50 discount!!                Click the Link:


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I hope you join us - we need you.

The Future Needs You.

Live Regeneratively,

Matt Powers