The Permaculture Student

A resilient, abundant future starts with permaculture education.

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See what Students Say:

"I really thought I knew something about nature. Just in the last two weeks I learned nature is a new science with a lot of niches to fill in. So many gaps in education. We should be teaching this to our children. Imagine the potencial of human race's evolution if we all start with this kind of basic understanding of nature early on in our education system. Geoff Lawton's PDC completely changed my understanding of nature, but this course is just taking it to a whole new level. Future now looks more feasible. We have to set a good example so we can properly inoculate people around us. We are really living in a nature illiterate society, our biggest challenge is to fully understand the impact of community building in nature and society. Thank you Matt for all your effort to put all this information together, it is really powerful and empowering." - Thiago

“The PDC from a few years ago truly changed my way of looking at everything. Your course has up-scaled the learning to reach deeper into the way I view the interior and exterior worlds…micro to macro.” -Jennifer Brennan

"I feel as if I was just offered a choice between taking the red pill or the blue pillMind=blown." -Ryan Markley

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Grow Abundantly, Learn Daily, & Live Regeneratively,

Matt Powers