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The idea behind this campaign is to invite folks for an exclusive training with me using the first video as the invite (below). The training videos are NOT for Social Media but for email and exclusive website hosting ONLY. You can do this on your site privately and invite your audience to your affiliate link.

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Video Training #1 EMAIL

Are you Stuck in a Day Job Dreaming of Something Different?

Want to get Started But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Are you an Entrepreneur & Overwhelmed?

Are you wanting MASSIVE CHANGE but Waiting for it to come to YOU?



YOU CAN DO THIS - Matt Powers was a high school teacher in the 6th most violent county in the US, and now he is an internationally recognized author with thousands of books sold and hundreds of thousands reached all over the globe through his online network. We all start somewhere - no matter where you are, you can find a regenerative path forward!!

PLUS there’s a BONUS SURPRISE!! CLICK THE LINK & Download The Regenerative Career Guide ebook - Find Your Path with clear examples and places to study and get certified. 

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Video Training #2 EMAIL

Entrepreneurship often gets a bad name, but in many ways it's our only hope for transitioning into a regenerative and abundant future - that's why this video is so critical. We won't be able to heal our culture and environment fast enough without entrepreneurism. In the 2nd video in this exclusive series, Matt explores what Entrepreneurism really is and how our current system cannot fix our problems.

As Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

CLICK HERE - Learn How Entrepreneurship Will Bring Stability, Abundance, &  Regeneration to our World

 If you have a dream, don't let it die: find the pathway to grow it into a reality!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Video Training #3 EMAIL


When we no longer leave home for work, balance becomes much harder to find. Entrepreneurs lose balance in their lives so often - it's even stereotypical in the biopics we see of many of our most famous entrepreneurs. We can even become overly focused on one aspect of our business - losing balance within our businesses as well! When our business tends to dominate, we lose touch with the other parts of who we are, and we have to rely upon or develop habits to keep those connections active. 

In Today's Video, We Explore:

  • What Entrepreneurs Sometimes Forget

  • How to Find Balance


CLICK HERE to watch How to Find Balance in your Regenerative Business

If you are...

  • Overwhelmed,

  • Facing Challenges, and

  • Needing a More Peace of Mind,

...then click the link above and watch this video - it provides pathways to balance for any lifestyle.

Course Invitation EMAIL

Are you in the thick of stress, a dead end job, or overwhelming challenges?

Are you wondering when relief will come? When the pain will end?

From Matt Powers:

“I've been there..

And I know until we decide to end our own pain, to be our own relief, and to be the action and not the reaction, we will stay mired in our suffering. I know this all too well - it took me years to untangle myself from depression, anxiety, and that overall crushing sense of not being enough, and there are still days when I need to reconnect with my passion, my purpose, and those who need me most to rise above the challenges that I face.

My wife is most likely facing cancer again even though we just beat skin cancer - we have to do another battery of tests and scans to determine what's going on now. It can feel never ending, but of course that's an illusion: it does end. Life does end. We are only here for a brief time in which we get to spread our unique message and purpose in the world. It is a gift only we can give and only we can discover and reveal in its fullest, but other people can help us with habits and skills that help us in that work. 

I've been very fortunate to have figured out how to pursue and achieve my goals early on in my life. In my 20s, I played music on tv live with millions of people watching, was on the radio and in soundtracks for years, and played with amazing famous musicians - that was my childhood dream. Before music, I was a ski racer and nearly made it to junior olympics despite being an extremely average athlete compared to my peers. I've always been a determined person, hungry for more, though not always clear with my direction, habits, and plan, and that held me back for a long time.

Today I have clear intentions, plans, and goals paired with high performance habits and a pattern for living that carries me through challenges in both personal and business spheres. It's these patterns that I focus on in Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Experts: Alignment, Crowdfunding, & Best Practices - an educational experience designed to give anyone the feedback, steps, guides, and best practices to refine or launch their regenerative business or educational program. 

In the past 3 years, I've gone from a dead end job to owning my own business grossing six figures a year, selling thousands of books, and teaching hundreds of students a year - IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO!”

CLICK HERE to learn more about this 9 Week  program of growth, reflection, discussion, planning, presenting, videos, checklists, & guide sheets.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Write Books & Curriculum

  • How to Create & Manage Online Courses 

  • Best Practices in Presenting, Social Media, and Online Marketing

  • How to Leverage Automation to Save Time, Money & Energy

  • How to Crowdfund your Business to Life

  • How to Find Balance & Alignment in your Life at the Same Time as Business Success

What's Included:

  • 9 Weeks of Videos

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A & Group Discussion All Week

  • A Refined Regenerative Business Plan, Product, or Campaign - Ready to Launch

  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials & Community

  • Your Regenerative Entrepreneur & Expert Certification


  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee - NO RISK!!


If you want to start your own regenerative business online,

  • If you want to sell more online...

  • If you want to reach more people online...

  • If you want to adapt your business to be more regenerative...

  • If you want your students to be more engaged and actively implementing your teaching...

  • If you want to find the funding to launch your dream...

You don’t want to miss this very special program - it even has a payment plan for those that prefer to break it up: no interest!


CLICK HERE & Learn More - You Will Love It! There’s No Risk!! There’s No Time Left to Wait on Your Dream - Act Today: Move Forward & Find Your Path to a Brighter Future!!


Course Invitation Reminder EMAIL

This next Monday, Dec 3rd, Matt Powers is once again diving into an incredibly empowering experience, Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Experts 2018-19, and this time there is an unprecedented number of enthusiastic students - there are hundreds of Advanced Permaculture Student Online students already signed up for this 9 week course. They are PUMPED after 6 months of advanced, in-depth education, and now they want to make their refined regenerative business plans: Don't You Want To Join Them?? You're in Luck: This Is Your Invite (technically, your 2nd one, but who's counting? Ok -clearly me, but that's besides the point!! You are being CALLED OUT: We Need You, and it's going to be WILD and FUN and Challenging and Powerful!!)

CLICK HERE and Signup for as low as $100 per month for 5 months, no interest. This is an incredible program at a very affordable price - you also retain lifetime access to everything, BUT there's only a short time left to join us. 

The world needs more from all of us, and REE is designed to help us bring our best selves to serve at the highest level - I hope you accept the challenge & join us.


Course Last Call EMAIL

The oceans are running out of oxygen.

50-60% of all life has perished on the earth in the last 50 years.

Only 60 harvests left of topsoil globally.

Only 8 years left of wild animals.

Only 12 years to turn things around.

Isn't it time we change the direction we are headed in?


To restore the planet, we must restore the life. To restore our culture, we must align with nature. To restore both, we must have our economy align to natural systems and cycles. It's time - the future needs you.

Join Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Experts  Become Part of The Solution!!

We only have a limited time here on earth - it's time to spend it regeneratively! We can shift our economy, our culture, and our lives out of the degeneration we've been born into and liberate ourselves and the future of all life!! It's NOW - It's Up To Us!! JOIN US!! CLICK HERE

Depending on when you are reading this we may already be started, so please click the link and join us - the future needs you.



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"Matt is the epitome of motivation, kindness and guidance. This course has given me the strength and structure needed to continue to pursue my business (and life) goals. Thank you for your incredible disposition and approachable attitude."

—Orquidea Susana, Quisqueya Permacultura

"This course has opened-up a whole new world of opportunities, as well, has given me many invaluable tools to make an impact in this permaculture revolution!! Thank you!!!"  

-Kristy Dooley, recent student

"Matt's course prompted me to look at my business with fresh eyes and design its future intentionally. Too often, I'm immersed in the details of day-to-day business. Taking this course gave me the space and encouragement to do much-needed bigger picture thinking."

-Amy Landers,

“The course experience was excellent. A positive shift in my consciousness, and an awakening to daily best practices that are pushing my business further then it has ever gone. I really enjoyed your level of engagement with your students and classroom, made the experience very real and personal. I like being able to connect in the classroom, with peers, and possible future affiliates. Infinite graditutude for sharing all your years of knowledge in this life changing guide and course. Your an amazing teacher thanks Matt.”

-Chris, recent student

“Loved it! It reinforced some things I knew and gave me valuable tools to get me moving on my path. I also learned a lot more stuff. This choose helped me move my business forward. Thanks!”

-Melissa Draper, Finding Personal Freedom

“Clarifying. Very useful information was provided, as well as an opportunity to hear from others.”

-Raye Hodgson, recent student

“I found the material to be relevant, valuable and precisely what I needed for our next step in this journey. So, thank you for laying it down so we can pick it up.”

-Ben Missimer, recent student