The Permaculture Student

A resilient, abundant future starts with permaculture education.

How are We Going to Regenerate Our World?                         Join Us & Learn How to Make a Living & an Abundant Future

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  • Matt Powers of
  • Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web Inc 
  • John D. Liu of Ecosystem Restoration Camps
  • Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology and Mycologos School of Mycology
  • Dr. Jeanne Wallace of Nutritional Solutions
  • Eddy Garcia of Living Earth Systems
  • Erik Ohlsen of The Permaculture Skills Center and Permaculture Artisans
  • Rowen White of Sierra Seeds
  • Bruce Steele of Winfield Farms
  • Dan Marquez of Pharmersea & AMASeaBeauty 
  • Hilary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey
  • Sean Sherman of NATIFS and The Sioux Chef
  • Neal Spackman of Sustainable Design Masterclass
  • Rhamis Kent of the Permaculture Research Institute 
  • Javan Bernakevitch of BC Permaculture & All Points Design
  • Kevin Muno of Ecology Artisans
  • Michael Nagler of the Metta Center for NonViolence
  • Frank Golbeck of Golden Coast Mead
  • Brock Dolman of The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
  • Makeda Makossa of the Worldbeat Cultural Center
  • Sean Mitzel of the Prepared Homestead
  • Stefan Sobkowiak of Miracle Farms and the Permaculture Orchard
  • Jonathan Pineault of Quatre-Temps Ferme
  • Troy Martz of OffGridPro
  • Gregory Landua of Terra Genesis International
  • Justin Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture
  • Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms
  • Tom Boyd of The Kefiry 
  • Allan Booker of the Eldenbridge Institute 
  • Darren Doherty of
  • Chris Trump of The Online Korean Natural Farming School
  • Carter Wallace of The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano
  • Joy Beckerman of Hemp Ace International
  • Stephen Smith of Seeds of Preservation Independence
  • John Schinnerer of Sociocracy Consulting
  • Michael Wittman of Blue Sky Biochar
  • Danial Lawton of Permaculture Tools
  • Cuauhtemoc Villa of Sonoma Biochar Initiative
  • Holistic Management International
  • Jamie Owens of Earthship Seattle
  • Mark Lakeman of CityRepair and Building Resilient Communities
  • Daniel Halsey of PRI USA and United Designers
  • and many more!!