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Before I understood the power of Keyline Geometry, I was stuck on swales and contour. I didn't have any schema for dealing with sloping gradients in paths and earthworks. I just knew that FLAT was GOOD, but is it always? What if your area gets winter rains, has heavy clay soils, or if you are running animals through that area? You want water on command, not to have it everywhere: it can easily make a mess and spread mosquitos, disease, and anaerobic conditions in waterlogged soils or puddles. 

Using Keyline Geometry we can map out the entire plan for orchards, grazing operations, and farms, so we can predict our return on investment and plan out entire business plans using just a piece of paper and accurate measurements, the Regrarians Platform, and keyline geometry. We discuss all this in The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, so if you don't get this video or what I'm talking about we'll dive in deeper, AND if you are wanting more, dive into the course, and if you are acquainted and are seeking the best source of professional keyline design, please look no further than the Regrarians programs by Darren Doherty. He is a mentor, friend, peer reviewer, and contributor to my work. 

-Matt Powers