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Our Permaculture Legacy is Bound to the Rising Generation via PermacultureVelocity

Matt PowersComment

Via Permaculture Velocity where I was guest blogging:

"What’s fastest way to spread permaculture?

What’s the longest lasting way to spread permaculture?

Education seems to be the agreed ‘fastest way’ in our community though by example is cropping up now, but we focus primarily on adults and sometimes large groups like governments. I worry that it might not be a lasting change if we simply change the adults, even if we change all adults. As a high school teacher, I know that most kids don’t even have a section of psyche to house permaculture in yet; they’re mostly too caught up in drama, grades or entertainment. If these are the new voters in 2 or 3 years, how are we going to compete against their apathy & ignorance? They’ll just bulldoze over our food forests when we dieor make them illegal and then do that while we live, or any number of things. We need to have the rising generations join us in this ecosystemic and cultural rebirth.

…but how would that work?"