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See What Students Are Saying:

"I have learned so much so far and my perception of permaculture has changed beyond expectations. In the past, many of my ideas stayed ideas and I am acting instead of dreaming now. I meet up with people and reach out more to others to share knowledge, plants and seeds. I have started to sprout indoors and I am yielding an abundance. I am brewing kombucha where I have created a system of abundant flow. I'm finding ways to create an abundant amount of Oman Desert sweet potato slips indoors that I plan to give away. I'm learning to cool my house more effectively similarly to what Matt just spoke about. I am just creating more in general. I'm teaching, trading, learning and observing. I have brought a lot back to zone 0 to refocus thought and energy. Everything I do now requires much more critical thinking and planning and it has changed everything for me. My gratitude goes out to everyone in this course because I gain awesome insight and knowledge from everyone's comments!!!" -Matthew Wesner

"I've always understood intuitively that everything is connected, but the course has clearly illustrated in tangible ways how this is true. I've taken Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web course and had the pleasure of hearing Darren Doherty speak in Santa Barbara and read P.A. Yeoman's Water for Every Farm, but this is the first time I have seen all of it presented as an integrated coherent whole. It's almost like studying the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the digestive system - and then experiencing them as a living thriving whole body. It's systems within systems. Very cool!" -James B.

"There is so much in this course! I love the sharing and collaborative way people want to work. I love the innovative ideas and projects going on. I love the positivity. I love how Matt is so supportive and responsive. I tell everyone about Permaculture and this course! I think Permaculture is the umbrella that I've been looking connects everything that I've intuitively felt at a deep level." - Monique Challis

"Thanks for taking a bold leap and including these sometimes difficult to talk about topics in a permaculture course. You're the man Matt! -David V.

There's more where that came from - It's really endless since hundreds of ecstatic students daily interact in the course supporting each other, commenting, expressing gratitude, and asking questions as they all work towards their regenerative visions of the future in their own area and interest.

I hope you join us and can take part in the excitement - the deep fulfillment those who are working on this great work feel. The lives they change as they change their own. It's miraculous what is possible. 

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